Hook keeper is useful for squid fishing


Have you have a good fishing life? How do you keep your squid jig hook when you are squid fishing run & gun? This article is about a fishing tool that is useful for squid fishing:Hook keeper What is Hook keeper Hook keeper is used by installing on fishing rod […]

Handy squid jig case


Have you had a good fishing life? This article is about squid jig case I recommend and selection case. squid jig case with carabiner Squid jig case with carabiner is jig case that is used by hanging it on belt loops or rings on floating vest. It is like picture […]

Which shoe for shorereef is better,spike or felt?


Have you had a good fishing life? In this web site,I have insisted that anglers on shorereef should wear shoes for shorereef. This article is about that shoes for shorereef. Especially,I will explain“Which shoe for shorereef is better,shoes with spike or felt?” They have advantages and disadvantages. The difference by […]

Lint winder improve your angler’s manners


Have everyone had a good fishing life? This article is about a fishing accessory to improve fishing manners. I was introduced this lint winder by reader this website. What is Lint winder by Daiichiseiko Lint winder is a accessory like small trash.you can throw away lint in it on fishing. […]

Convenient case of metal jig(rolled jig case)


Have you had a good fishing life? This article is introducing case of metal jig case I recommend. I wrote “case”,it is not “BOX” but is “case”. I introduce metal jig case that is not BOX. Rolled jig case is very useful Formal name that jig case is “Makimaki jig […]

fishing spot map in Japan

fishing spot map Not all over Japan, This map contains fishing spots I went. Some spot has detail page,click URL to jump to detail page. How to use fishing spot map Blue:shore jigging spot in Japan Brown:squid fishing spot in Japan Yellow:squid fishing spot with night light in Japan Green:shore […]

Best fishing gloves made in Japan


Have you have a good fishing life? The probabilities that big fish and big squids will catch increases in winter. Not only in winter,I think that fishing gloves is for increasing power of grip, not for withstanding the cold. So,fishing gloves are very inportant fishing gear.   Therefore,I introduce fishing […]

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