Jyougasaki(shore jigging fishing spot in Wakayama Japan)

Jyougasaki(shore jigging fishing spot in Wakayama Japan)

Summary of fishing spot Jyougasaki

fishing spot name:jyougasaki
address:Kada Wakayamashi Wakayama prefecture
type of fishing spot:shore reef & embankment
type of fishing:shorejigging & shorecasting & squid fishing
type of fish:yellowtail ,big fin reef squid(fall)
full of fish or squid:★★★☆☆
tidal current: ★★★★☆
convenience of access:★★★★☆(about 40min from highway)
restroom:★☆☆☆☆(there is in nearby beach)
convenience store :★★☆☆☆(about 15 min to lawson fuke by car)

what can you fish in jyougasaki

Jyougasaki is shore reef in north Wakayama.

Jyougasaki is near the channel from Oosaka bay to Pacific ocean.This is why,this fishing point has
good tidal current,there are many baits.

So,jyougasaki is good fishing spot for shore jigging aiming yellowtail or Big fin reef squid.

Detail about fishing spot Jyougasaki

shore reef

Jyougasaki is national park,because it’s curious geographic character.

There is stepwise rock there.This shape continue to in the sea.(Like below picture)

So,many baits get together around this area.




Panoramic view of jyougasaki is like below.


The depth is about 5m (front side 10m),15m(more back side).

Because you often get snagged in this spot,you should set only front hook on the eye.

I recommend that …

When you do shore jigging,you cast the lure by left side.
When you do squid fishing,you cast the squid jig by right side.


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On the way to shore reef,there is small embankment.

This embankment has tetrapod and beach.

So,you can aim big fin reef squid and rock fish on this embankment.



The depth is about 3~4m in this area.


The way to Jyougasaki

To jyougasaki from Oosaka,

You drive to Sennan interchange on Hanwa expressway.

When you get off the Hanwa expressway on Sennan interchange,it is like….

Turn to the right and go straight untill the intersection with McDonald’s.(like below)

Turn to the left at this intersection.

you drive in the right lane…..

When you can see such a  place,drive to upper side(right side).

Then,get off at the 「Fuke ramp」 (「深日」is written on the green signboard)

Then,you dive along this road and you come to the place like below.

Then,turn to the left.

Drive along this road about 10 min.

Then you come to the place like below.(「←加太kada」is written on the blue signboard)

At this intersection,turn to the left.

When you drive along this road,you can sea on the right.

Drive along this ocean road.Then you can see the place like below.

The place which a raised is Jyougasaki on the center of this picture.

The road is entrance to Jyougasaki.

There is no parking in jyougasaki.

So,keep drive along this road.

Then,Turn to the right on T-junction like above.

Then,Turn to the right on T-junction like below.The parking is there.

The google map below is the way from Sennan interchange to the parking.

So,Walk to jyougasaki.(like below)

Then,walk to jyougasaki fishing point.

You can see the way that entrance to fishing point and the atmospher of jyougasaki on youtube movie below.

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The fishing point of jyougasaki do not sink to the sea.But the way to the fishing point sink sometimes to the sea at high tide.

You should wear rubber boots or wader,when you go to jyougasaki at high tide.


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Summary of fishing point Jyougasaki

Jyougasaki is nearby Oosaka and good fishing point.

You do not have to walk long way to fishing point.So,if you look for fishing point or shore jigging point in Japan,how about going to fishing to Jyougasaki.

Good luck!!



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