Kaizuka artificial island(shore jigging fishing spot in Osaka Japan)

Kaizuka artificial island(shore jigging fishing spot in Osaka Japan)

Summary of Kaizuka artificial island

fishing spot name:Kaizuka artificial island
address:Nishikiminami-cho Kaizuka-shi Osaka prefecture
type of fishing spot:embankment & tetrapod
type of fishing:shore jigging,family fishing
type of fish:Yellowtail,Mackerel,spanish mackerel,cutlass fish
full of fish or squid:★★☆☆☆
tidal current: ★★★☆☆
convenience of access:★★★★★(about 5min from highway)
hideout:☆☆☆☆☆(is crowded on summer~fall night )
convenience store :★★★★☆(about 10 min to family mart kaizuka by car.)

what can you fish in Kaizuka artificial island

Kaizuka artificial island is large reclaimed land in south Osaka.

Because this fishing spot is near by highway inter change,this fishing spot is very popular.

Kaizuka artificial island is nearby Kansai international airport where is fishing prohibited area.

Because of that,Surprisingly,you can fish a big migratory fish in city area.


In this fishing spot,cutlass fish is most catched in summer to fall night.

Cutlass fish is that you can catch easy and delicious.

In Osaka,people who do not fishing much often go to fishing cutlass fish in summer to fall night.

Other targets are seabass,Yellow tail,Octopus and rock fish.


Detail about fishing spot Kaizuka artificial island

Kaizuka artificial island extend to the sea.

Tetrapods are piled up in seaside this fishing spot except the southern end.

In the southern end of this artificial island,there is safety embankment with fence.

So,you can fishing safely with even for children in the southern end of this artificial island.


In this artificial island other area,tetrapods are piled up .

You fishing standing on tetrapod.

In summer to fall night,many angler stand in a row aiming cutlass fish.

Around this artificial island,the depth is about 7~10m and the bottom is flat sand.

Back of the sea,there is high embankment(about 3m)

Some ladder is on this embankment.You can clime to the embankment using it.


Many baits is usually in this area.Migratory fish often  come to this fishing spot.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(metal jig usuable as it is)➜https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/hikoboshi-fishing/item/hf-mej-dj-e-00015/

Way to Kaizuka artificial island

To Kaizuka artificial island from Oosaka city,

You drive to Kaizuka interchange on Hanshin expressway 4th wangan-line and get off that inter change.(like below)

You come to the fork like below.Drive the right line.

Then,turn to the right at the T-junction like below.

When you come to wide straight wide road like below,

drive straight to first inter section over the small bridge like below.

Then turn to the left at this intersection.

At the end of the road like below,turn to the right.

Then,at first intersection like below,turn to the left.

When you drive along this road about 5min,you arrive the place like below.

The entrance to the fishing spot is left side.

As you drive to a little further,you can find the parking of Kaizuka artificial island like below.

I think that

many garbages are in this fishing spot,

So,if any angler pick it up even a little,this fishing spot will become good place.

Summary of Kaizuka artificial island fishing spot

Kaizuka artificial island is nearby Osakacity.

In summer to fall night,you can fish many cutlass fish with lure.

How about enjoying fishing cutlass fish loved in Osaka?




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