How to sand borer fishing with plastic worm recommended for summer

How to sand borer fishing with plastic worm recommended for summer

Have you had a good fishing life?

This article is  “How to sand bore fishing with plastic worm”.


In summer,It is too hot to fishing on full-fledged shore reef.

So,I often fishing sand borer on beach in summer,with my foot in sea water.


Sand borer eat sea worm.

But,some can not touch worm.

So,I introduce how to fishing sand borer with plastic worm.


You can fishing sand borer easily,every time,every where.


What is sand borer

Sand borer is fish

  • bore sand as it name suggests.
  • can fishing easily.
  • can fishing every season.
  • can eat delicious.
  • become an ingredients of Tempura.

Sand borer is popular ingredients of Tempura.

You can fishing sand borer easily.

That is way,Sand borer fishing is very popular fishing in Japan.

Sand borer is said that live in south Africa to Japan on sand bottom,

along the coast of east Africa,back of the Mediterranean sea,The Arabian peninsula,India,Southeast Asia,Australia,east Asia,Japan.

Fishing gear for easy sand borer fishing with plastic worm

This blog is based on lure fishing.

So,I introduce the fishing gear for sand borer fishing,assuming that you have no fishing rod dedicated for bait casting.

You do not have to have fishing gear dedicated for it.

I recommend for sand borer fishing…..

Fishing rod

6 feet~9 feet length rod,for squid fishing or bass fishing.

It is OK if you can cast a lure about 20g with the fishing rod.

Fishing reel and line

Anything is fine.

I recommend fishing reel for sea water.

PE line,nylon line,fluorocarbon line is good…..You can fishing it with any line.


spreader(L shaped metal wire. You tie hook line and sinker separated on it.)

Spreader may not be popular except in southeast Asia.




I recommend “standing spreader and sinker.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(standing spreader)➜

You can fishing sand borer with only standing spreader and hooks.


A typical spreader is like…..


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(typical spreader)➜


If you use typical spreader,you install a sinker on spreader.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(Egg plant shaped sinker)➜


I introduce how to make rigs below.

Hooks with line

I recommend line with two hooks.

If you use long line and hooks(4 hooks or 5 hooks line),you can not cat the line.

Because the line may is longer than the fishing rod,you should use line and hooks shorter than your fishing rod.


I usually use 2 hooks line.

I recommend a set spreader, sinker, line and hooks.

If you use weight 5 hook size 7 set,you can fishing many kinds of fish.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(sand borer fishing set)➜


When you use this set and have fishing rod ,reel and plastic worm,you can go sand borer fishing.

Plastic worm

Sand borer likes palolo.

So,I recommend the plastic worm with smell and taste like palolo.

If you use plastic worm without smell,you may catch some sand borers.

You should use the plastic worm with smell and taste for good catch.

I recommend this plastic worm:mini power palolo


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(plastic worm:power palolo)➜



You need just the rigs above to sand borer fishing.

You should pay attention to

  • make rigs shorter than your rod.
  • choose a sinker which is lighter than your rod maximum.(You can more enjoy sand borer fishing using light rigs)


Rigs of sand borer fishing

Summary of rigs is like below.

Make rigs

  • tie the line from reel on spreader(look at below picture which side you tie)
  • install a sinker on center of spreader
  • tie line with hook on the other side of spreader

This is all.

You should pay attention to the side of spreader,when you tie line on spreader.

Tie the line from reel and install the sinker ,so that the two are straight.

Tips of sand borer fishing to good catch

When you fishing sand borer,you trail the plastic worm(or palolo).

For good catch,When you do sand borer fishing ,pay attention to

  • install the plastic worm straight
  • When sand borer is not hooking but you feel fish biting,cut plastic worm into about half.
  • trail fast the plastic worm. If you catch blow fish or big-eyed flathead,trail more fast.If you do not feel fish biting,trail more slowly.As like this,adjust speed.
  • When number of catch sand borer increase,pull up after 2 sand borer hooking.
  • Do striking(hooking) gently and sharply.
  • Trail plastic worm by raising the rod,not winding the line.
  • Sand borer often migrate along A drop off. A drop off is Where you feel rigs heavy.
  • Search where many sand borer is ,walk around and cast. 
  • Sand borer often migrate A drop off near the shore.So,trail the line to near the shore.
  • Pay attention to blow fish.Blow fish bite off your hook.

As like this,you can fishing sand borer.



Summary of “sand borer fishing recommended in summer”.

I recommend Sand borer fishing which you can do easily in summer.

I usually bring rigs of sand borer fishing to squid fishing.

When you fishing sand borer,you can enjoy the good texture and good taste of sand borer Tempura or flites.

Let’s check the article of sand borer fishing dairy.

sand borer fishing diary ,BBQ and Tempura in Fukui Japan

Squid and Sand borer fishing in Wakayama Japan

Let’s check the article of “What time zone can you fishing sand borer”.

You can fishing sand borer at night



Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.



















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