Hageajiro in Sue cape(shore jigging fishing spot in Wakayama Japan)

Hageajiro in Sue cape(shore jigging fishing spot in Wakayama Japan)

Summary of fishing spot Hageajiro in Sue cape

fishing spot name:Hageajiro in sue cape
address:Sue Kushimoto-cho Higashimuro-gun Wakayama prefecture
type of fishing spot:shore reef
type of fishing:shorejigging & shorecasting
type of fish:yellowtail,mahi-mahi,greater amberjack
full of fish or squid:★★★★★
tidal current: ★★★★★
convenience of access:★★☆☆☆(about 1hour from highway)
parking:★★★★☆(about 10 parking,¥500/day)
convenience store :★☆☆☆☆(about 30 min to family mart Kushimoto sanbashi by car)

what can you fish in Hageajiro in Sue cape

Sue cape is the cape which is in south end of Kushimoto ooshima island.

Because Hageajiro in sue cape face to Pacific ocean,In this fishing spot,You can see many kinds of migratory fish.

In this fishing spot,You can aim Yelowtail,mahi-mahi,greater amberjack,Big squid etc..

Moreover,King fish is in this fishing spot.

Detail of fishing spot in Sue cape

When you walk to fishing spot as like the way below,you arrive at the fishing spot like below picture.

I recommend this fishing spot to shorejigging.



On the day the sea is rough condition, you can aim black fin sea bass.

In the center of above picture,you can see a rock.

Tide current run through the line around the rock.

You can big fish at the left side the rock.


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The depth is about 20m around the rock,is about 30m on the left side the rock.

Way to the fishing spot in sue cape


Get off the highway at interchange of the south susami and drive on rout 42 heading south.

When you get off the highway at the susami minami

turn to the right at first T-junction like below.

Then drive along this road and you arrive at the next T-junction like below.

Turn to the left.So you drive on the road along the sea.

Then,Drive on this road about a half hour.

You arrive at a intersection named “Shionomisaki higashi iriguchi(the east side entrance to shionomisaki cape)”like below.


Turn to the right at this intersection.

You drive along this road,you can see a bridge “Kushimoto ohashi”

Turn to the left and cross the bridge.

When you are in Kushimoto oshima island,

drive along this road about 5 min.

So,you arrive at a intersection like below.

Turn to the right and drive to the T-junction like below.


Then,turn to the right at T-junction like below.

Then,turn to the right at T-junction like below.

Then,turn to the right at T-junction like below.

When you drive along this road,you arrive to the parking like below.(left side)

Put in the parking fee ¥500 into the pot which is in front of hut

and write your car number on sticky note  which is in the pot

and put it in the pot.

You arrive the fishing spot about 20min from the parking.

Please watch the youtube movie below for the way to the fishing spot from the parking.

If you go to straight from the parking,you arrive a clif like below,and do not arrive the fishing spot.


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Summary of “the fishing spot Hageajiro in sue cape”

Sue cape is in the southern end.So,

In this fishing spot,the black stream run through nearby the shore.

Go shore casting to this fhishing spot.


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