Wakayama north port fishing pier(shore jigging & squid fishing spot in Wakayama Japan)

Summary of Wakayama north port fishing pier

fishing spot name:Wakayama north port fishing pier
address:Minato Wakayama-shi Wakayama prefecture
type of fishing spot:fhising pier
type of fishing:shore jigging,squid fishing
type of fish:Yellowtail,Mackerel,big fin reef squid(fall),red snapper,spanish mackerel
full of fish or squid:★★★☆☆
tidal current: ★★★☆☆
convenience of access:★★★★★(about 20min from highway)
hideout:★☆☆☆☆(is crowded on holiday)
restroom:★★★★☆(not clean)
convenience store :★★★★☆(about 10 min to family mart wakayama minato 1chome by car.)

what can you fish in Wakayama north port fishing pier

Wakayama north port fishing pier is large fishing pier in north wakayama.

Because this fishing pier is to be shaped overhung the sea,you can fish many kinds of fish.

There is Kinokawa river nearby this fishing pier.So,I think that many plankton is around this area and many bait fish come to this area to eat them and fish eater come to this area to eat them.

Then,many kinds of fish and squids get together around this fishing pier.

In this fishing pier,you can fish yellowtail,red snapper,spanish mackerel,flounder etc.


Detail about fishing spot Wakayama north port fishing pier

Wakayama north port fishing pier is to be shaped overhung the sea,The tide current is fast.You can fish many kinds of fish in this fishing pier.

There is good fishing spot where children or women can fishing safety.

A vending machin,restroom(provisional and unclean…),washing stand,small shop(salling food ,a bait,line etc.)

In addition to this,because this fishing spot embankment is high.


This fishing pier is very large like below.





At the entrance to this fishing port,you pay fee (1130yen/adult,  570yen/child,  720yen/car)and enter to Wakayama north port fishing pier.

First,you can see a small shop at left side.It sale snacks,cup noodles,baits for fishing etc..


There are 6 gates named 1~6 gate.The first gate is 1st gate.The very back cate is 6th gate.

Gate numbers are written on parking wall.

I recommend that…

When you want to fish Yellowtail,Red snapper or Flounder,you should go to 5th gate or 6th gate.

When you want to fish Rock fish or Squids,you should go to 1~4th gate.

(The land forms in this fishing spot is like below.The place written「ケーソン」is embankment)



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Way to Wakayama north port fishing pier

To Wakayama north port fishing pier from Oosaka,

You drive to Wakayama kita interchange on Hanwa expressway and get off that inter change.

Then,turn to the right at the T-junction like above.

You come to the road along the Kinokawa river like below.

Then,drive along this road about 20min.

On the way to this fishing spot,there is a bridge like below.Go across it.

Drive along the road of river side.

Then,you come to the place like below.It is the entrance to fishing pier(right side).

At the entrance,You pay the fee.Then drive to parking nearby the gate you want to fishing.

I recommend that

If you do shorejigging,drive to the end of the parking and go to 5 or 6 gate.

If you do squid fishing,drive to the first parking and go to 1 or 2 gate.



Summary of Wakayama north port fishing pier

Wakayama north port fishing pier is fishing spot where You can enjoy fishing safely with your family.

Because this fishing pier ground is very flat and you can fish Yellow tail red snapper,you can practice shorejigging even if you are biginer.



Thank you for watching until the end.

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I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

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