Aim the kingfish and Bigfin reef squid in Japan

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Fishing diarAiming the kingfish and Bigfin reef squid in Japan

④Introduction of a BBQ spot in Japan

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You can easily find fishing spots in Japan using Google map.→here

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By type of fishing

Search for fishing spot in Japan for shore jiging→here

Search for fishing spot in Japan for shore eging→here

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Run & Gun course in Middle of Wakayama prefecture for eging→here

Shore reef at low tide onlyhere


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Start eging

  • What is necessary for eging?
  • Where should you go for eging?
  • Where is Bigfin reef squids?
  • What should you do to eat squids deliciously?

I write necessary information to start eging and Tips for improving fishing result like that.

「Start eging」→here

「Tips for improving fishing result for eging」here

「List of articles of eging」here

「Tips of fishing squids even on the day of muddy water」→here


Start shore jiging

In Japan, the target at Shore Jigging is various fish such as Yellow tail, King fish and Rock fish etc. Among them, King fish is considered the best target.

We offer useful information for those who would like to start shore jiging from now on.and We are offering useful information for those who would like to inprove your shorejiging technich .

「Start shore jiging」→here

List of article about shore jiginghere

Fishing diary

diary of poor angler.

Where is the fish caught in Japan?
Where is the squid gaught in Japan?
seawater temperature,the number of anglers,bait type,muddiness of seawater…etc. are in

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You can easily find BBQ spots in Japan using Google

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Apology before introducing a fishing spot

Those who think “Do not expose my secret fishing spot!!”are there.
I have receave negative message like this,but positive massage like “Thank you! I caught a kingfish thanks to this web site.”

In fact,some angler in Japan firmly believe “it is taboo to introduce fishing spot”.
I am used to be like them.

But,It is not untill an angler tell you a fishing spot that You knew their fishing spot .It is dangerous to search uncharted fishing spot.

So,I think that all anglers should get along and  introduce fishing spot in Japan

for suport to enjoy your fishing life.

If you are disgusted by this web site,I introduce new fishing spot you don’t know in order to please you .
So,I would be pleased if you watch warmly.

Further,If you think that I make this fishing spot clean. Because I know this fishing spot in that website”,I am honored.