Nankiharu Squid Egging Eaves Up Fishing Record, Reiwa Spring Early Aori Ikaget


Do you have a good fishing life?

I’m in a fishing line like a reader who read the blog before this、、、

No catch、、、

Reiwa first 、、、No catch (*))

No, akan!!!I went by that.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been fishing.

Oh, my God, w.

Fishing Day

Reiwa New Year’s Year-end Evening

Fishing Line Location

Shihara Iso

Under The Castle of Hidate

Ikoki Fishing Port

Shinjo Fishing Port

The surface of the sea

Etsuzaki Cans

Moon, Tide and Weather

Low tide before full month

In me, it’s like spawning.

I feel that the red system aim of winter or the aim of the spring squid can catch about the small tide medium tide of the full month ago.


I don’t know, but it was warm.

Water temperature can’t be an excuse anymore www

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Nanki shun squid eging eaves up fishing line details

I forgot, but I took a day off on Saturday.

Oh, I didn’t go revenge the other day.

I went to Nanki.

For the time being, I would appreciate it if you read the article from the video i’ve been addicted to recently and have you watch it with a pu www


If you like, youtube channel registration thank you.

I want to be able to give various things such as the animation and the fishing place guide which i’m fishing and how to tie it in the future.

Just pochit the button below (*?))

If you like, please start with the “here” below.

I went to the YOUTUBE channel and poked the mark of the bell.

I would appreciate it if you could turn on the notification (*

To youtube channel → here

For the time being, Reiwa left at 17:30 after finishing work on May 10, the new year.

While eating the magic squid www of Lawson where the squid can be caught if i eat it before catching squid

Wakayama www

I don’t have any information.

I went to Shihara Iso.

The atmosphere is full, bait is full、、、、

Algae is so-so in the back of the bay.The algae is beginning to run out and it floats a little.

Yes yankaaaai

But 、、、squid is 、、、www

Even if I ask Mr. Yaen, I can only bite him once.

And that.

Mr. Yaen is stronger by all means at this time.

No, let’s move on early www

So, I was at a loss whether to move to the south or north.

North considering the spawning.

If we were to bring the second formation, we would 、、、


Go a little south.

To the castle of The Hinoki in The Sun.

I don’t know the name of Homma, but it’s under the castle.

I’m going to be very careful here in the morning、、、

Well let’s see…Unresponsive.

Bait has a lot of sardines here, too.

Algae do not grow when you can see it, but it grows on the bottom because it follows when the bottom is sat down.

It’s not honda walla、、、


Reiwa the second shot is also a ???Www

To find out the situation, we checked and went to The Ikoki Fishing Port.

Because it is a shallow fishing port, it makes it to No. 3 and it 、、、it in the direction of shallow.

Loriika is going to you www

It’s already loriika around here.

Let’s take the second camp a little more.I think,

I’m going back to the north after all.

So, we went to our new port.

already about eight o’clock w

As usual, it’s 、、、Honda Walla wasa, but it’s a little less than last year.

It doesn’t seem to be cut yet.

I’m thinking, from tetra to shakshak

Pretty motivated nothing.

Once, i’m shaken!!!Www

I’m not proud of it, but it was shaktta’s first time in my life.

Maybe i like fishing like finesse, so i 、、、??)

Lucky ♪

He’s got a strong face.

I know it’s big, but 、、、

It’s not you.

It’s delicious, but it’s w

Just keep it for now、、、

We moved to the seaside iso.

I can definitely hit it here on Saturday.

I’m thinking about whether the weather is also good and the legs are crispy w w

Still at ten o’clock on Saturday in time.Because it is full,

I’ll sleep until about 13 o’clock.

Super nice weather (*

I’m stuck on the bottom of the glass boat.

It is a weather that is good enough to want to monomane of the crash.

I’ve got wader, but it’s a little wet♬

In that, and shaking while soaking a little picapica,

I got a call from a fishing tackle shop.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting!

I wore a tiebreaker♪


If it’s a day earlier, it’s ;)

“Oh, oh, oh, oh.

I want to go today or tomorrow.

I’m probably fishing in Shirahama now until tomorrow morning.

See you next time.

I really want to go to early, but

If you’re a hot man, just work overtime.

It is not able to return until it is able to catch aoriika while running north.I was going to do www

There are a lot of algae growing on the bottom of the sea, but i haven’t seen what it is.

Um、、、17 o’clock de tide (The tide level of the lower ing on this day moves a little big at 37cm.)

Oh, my God!Do you want to go to the party after a long time?

So feel free to go to Cans of Mezuzaki.

The fishing of the first team was good.

The Shirahama Peninsula was also good, but Tanabe and Minabe passed by and reached The Nakaki、、、、

The first white spawning team in the first half of April.

Yes、、、、everyone is a choice.

Well, if it’s Akan, my next job starts sunday evening.

Runan until the deep sun www

I was seriously thinking at this point w

Because the wave is messy in the foreground,

Hard to take atari on the line

I put it from and take Atari with a pole,

Longer fall time.

So, about 16 o’clock, about cans.

before eighteen o’clock in the raised

700g 、、、(*))

Reiwa’s first Aorica-chan (*

I did it♪

In the next one throw、、、、


Something something?

Now ??? a chance

So I turned on the camera and realized i wasn’t able to record、、、

In the next pitch、、、、


i’ve been a drag for a long time i feel yes www

I thought there was 2500g.

Why don’t you take it for


Onchan a orica.

Feeling sororitord (*

It’s good to have something like this once in a while♪

Egi is draw4 3.5 normal.New colors for 2019

It is a little naughty fellow in the skesuke of blue green.It is.

Draw42019 new color, clear egi

Draw42019 new color, clear egi

It is a person who does this, but it is skesuke in such a feeling.

I don’t know my real name, so i’ll be back in this



Draw4 blue-green squeaky guy in the shop.You may be able to pass through.

I was asked.

I’m not good at it、、、

Shanshan, slow down the tempo a little bit.

If egi’s head is down and shaken strongly, it bounces vertically with a feeling of moin.

It shaq shaken after it faces down again and moin.

I was able to catch it when I was doing it by the consciousness of the feeling.The feeling of the video.

(I’m just trying to keep the tempo a little bit more than usual.)

This cheek doesn’t come by the front, and it is easy to make the slug.I’m not)

Ask a good person about fishing, not me www

In, it is lost to Pita and Atari in three cups in these three pitches.

15 minutes is too short www

I think that spring is such a lot.

Lucky Punch w


I want to go get the tiebreaker, too.


In a while

The style that the public feels good www

I’m going home, and i’m not going to get into the cooler.

I just went home w

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I went to get a tiebreaker and there were three good things, so I thought I might die seriously.

On the way back, we went to the fishing tackle shop.

I’m lining up.

“Hey!I’ve waited for a dragonfly!!

Today’s squid is supposed to be caught by you.」

I stare at w while saying to Egi www

Maybe it’s just a weird pops (*

I’m getting the set www

The manager.I don’t always do it.

Maybe in the whole country, i’ve made a reservation maybe i’m the first one www

I’ve been saying about w

I really want more and more,

It is three colors even if I use it anyway.

When autumn comes, it’s time to go out again.

Jin-san’s color and mobi♬

In, it seems to be doing the lottery if I buy something Draw4.


The other day, i pulled it about 20 times and did it.

I know.

I didn’t say that the other day.

“I did it, i’m ♬ a lot of stickers.”


Is that a sour ness?

I know.

Pull pull.It’s okay to pull it, right?

I hit it, oh, i hit it!Www

The special color and the T-shirt were hit ;) .

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Draw42019 tiebreaker release anniversary special color.

It is the color like the bottle of the squall of the squeak love.(I did not write the name or ww)

This is likely to be able to catch, but I want you to sell it normally, is it useless?(;)


I was able to go home at this time with great pains.

Get a fishing post & blog promotion www

(I’ve never posted fishing at this fishing shop because I don’t always go back to this time www)

Then, again, the person who is reading the blog visits the store.

“Where did you fish?”It’s Mezu”

“It’s kind of like coming to The North, such as Kiki these days.”

“The other day, i saw it on the blog, and yaen’s old man who was caught next to Egginger 、、、.”

“Maybe it’s my blog wwww” like a hit-and-hit www

No, it is a person who reads it in the real thing.

Because only the image that it was cancerd anti in the beginning remains www

And on the way back, i’m going to have a good time with the guts 、、、、、

I thought,

After such luck, even if the garlic chip is poured on it in the boiled set meal of a lot of kotteri garlic in tenichi, it dies job.

Garlic is too hard to head and die as it is???

So, I went home with a bottle of about 20 km/h www

And I always work for fishing ???No???

Well, that’s all right.

A present for a fishing friend

I present two colors of the tiebreaker Jin and one shrimp.

And to him,

I’m going on something i’m not fishing for from Monday.

Ehime, which has been doing so strong recently, is in Ainan town.

Come catch three kilos♪

I’ve been tasked with a mission called www

Hope this is w

The next fishing article is sole (*

I’m also writing about the details of the tiebreaker in Koch.↓↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

“The release date of tiebreaker TB has finally come!!Draw4’s narrow type egi, can you still buy」


Fishing fruit


700g, 600g


face scary squid w

Maybe i’m the best at catching squid with a scary face www

Impressions of the fishing line

It is the first squid Reiwa finally finally for the time being.

I mean, it’s a slump here and there, “I’m going to be crazy for the rest of my life.”

I was so happy to say that i’m glad you’re 、、、

Yosher www

2kg up of hisabi♪

And I think you’ll understand if you read to the end,

I hit the special color of Draw4 in the lottery,

I’m not going to die of my luck on this day ;)、、、

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Summary of The Fishing Line Up Of NankiHaru Squid Egging Eaves

It was a feeling that i was not able to catch somehow, but

I managed to catch the guy who had been playing around.

I’m sorry when 15 minutes was too hard w

It’s not tachiuo (;)

I was too happy to have two kilos of hogue escape and eaves (*

lucky fishing row w

Splatoon UT & Fishsquid’s SeriousNess May Have Worked W

Next time I’m going to catch a tiebreaker.

What was the fishing spot you went to this time?

Shihara iso, recommended geoiso for easy egging recommended for spring and autumn squid aim ed in Hibiki, Minamikishirahama-cho, Wakayama Prefecture

The local iso recommended for the hideing that is strong in the northwest wind of Nanki shiki, Wakayama Prefecture under Hidate Castle

Ikoki Fishing Port (not published)

Shinjo Fishing Port, a souvenir fishing spot for spring squid and Shirahama fishing line only at low tide in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture

The easy egging ground iso recommended for spring squid and autumn squid which can play only at low tide in the seaside iso, Wakayama Nanki Shirahama

Mezuzaki Kansu, Wakayama Prefecture Nakaki Minami northwest wind is a little strong spring and autumn egging recommended for the geoiso

Use tackle

Egging Tackle

Rod: Stream Booster EXR710 (CandidiE International) ☛ Impre

Reel: Sefia CI4C3000s (Shimano) ☛ Impre

Gaff: Short Gaff (Kanji International) ☛ Impre

Other fishing records are here.





















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