Fishing expedition to mother’s island, tokunoshima casting fishing expedition fishing day7 where a big GT Khasmiazi wants to fish


Do you have a good fishing life?


Tokunoshima Expedition、、、、、

It’s an expedition or it’s at my mother’s parents’ house.

It costs a lot of money to go.

Every year, we can’t afford to do it ;) every year.

And, there’s an opportunity.

July 10, 2019 – July 16, 2019

I came back on a schedule.

And i’m going to do my best!!!!

Because I went to prepare thoroughly in the feeling that,

I’d like to make it a day-by-day fishing line (*I’m going to do it?)

Squid do their best even 、、、the season.

Gt and Campachi are 、、、、a little timely, so how about it?

Moreover, the tackle lacks power though the muscle training was made.

The goal of this time is to

While not, i’ll take the big fish!

is w

After that, fishing that can not be done easily here, w playing with accessories in the tide pool of the reef

Get out of the way、、、、

It was a good thing.



The Tokunoshima expedition of gt aim which was super fun is also the last today.

The plane is an evening flight.

Because there is a greeting and the cleaning,

Only in the morning mazume can be done.

Well, that’s good.

How about the fish 、、、、w

Fishing Day

Reiwa July 16, the new year

Fishing Line Location

Taka-chan Rock www

(I don’t write it because it’s a fishing spot that Taka-chan taught me, but it’s a good cousin of the tide on the west side of the island.

I don’t know if it’s named, but Taka-chan iwa w) because Taka-chan taught me.

Moon, Tide and Weather

High Tide

The first day of the only high tide of this expedition


I felt a little warm.

What、、、sit on the tide?

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Fishing expedition to mother’s island, GT Campachi Decaa orisquid, Tokunoshima expedition fishing day7 details to want to catch anything you can catch


Day4- day7 is summarized in the video,

Please start with a video if you like.

If you like, youtube channel registration thank you.

I want to be able to give various things such as the animation and the fishing place guide which i’m fishing and how to tie it in the future.

Just pochit the button below (*?))

If you like, please start with the “here” below.

I went to the YOUTUBE channel and poked the mark of the bell.

I would appreciate it if you could turn on the notification (*

To youtube channel → here

Tokunoshima’s first one-man casting fishing line by father drinking too much

I was going to go by two people in the morning.

Father Ta-chan

Glocky www drinking too much the day before

“I’m going to 、、、today.I’m going.

And that.


Of course.

But yes?

What is this pattern ?


The tide started to drop at all.

I’m going♪

It’s a real feeling.

Almost none of the waves.

No wind♬

Off the coast,



About 50cm like is chased and it bounces.

Moreover, the tide is fast!!!

Hey, unlike this,

It is a sign munmun to go out.


Could it be、、、、

It’s like a horse-backed tuna.

Qasmia Jiget at Maria’s Lapid

What a delusion,

Throw Maria Rapido 190F w

Atari lure www


It was about an hour 、、、



Well but

I’m glad i didn’t even hogue today♪

And then, with about two pitches, 、、、、、

It’s Kusmiazi.

Nice size (>_<)></)>

For the time being, i tasted comfortably that drag is going out,

I was able to experience the true essence of 19 Stella and the infinity drive.

The winding is strong.

I can’t say anything because I didn’t catch the same fish of the same size with other reels.

At the time of the pull-in, though the drag has gone out,

Winding can be done fairly smoothly (*

This 、、、、amazing♬


It’s the last day, so i don’t have time to take it home .;;)

I’m sorry to entrust you,

Come and see me ♪ Wakayama.

And i had it back to the sea.

Yes, i feel good♬

Fight time is off, but

Batebate wwww to a comparatively strong draw

I was not good enough for the petit muscle training i did before the expedition (;)

On the last day of the Tokunoshima expedition, the biggest thing about Kokoichi’s get, of course Maria’s Lapid w


It’s the last day.

It’s still going to be great,

My real life has not come out yet!!!

I’ll do my best a little bit now.

And in less than ten minutes、、、、、

It’s a good thing!!

once a big


I don’t mean it, but it’s probably 85cm or something like that.

I think.

I’m not going to fight again.

I pulled the canary♪

I really enjoyed it.

After all, sardines of the Lapid 190F.


In Honshu

Bespoke Hiramasa or something

I’m mainly using Brit、、、

I wonder if i’ll buy 160 or 130 、、、、of rapids www



After this,

So, I did about five more pitches,

honest arm bread wwww

After all, petit muscle training seems to have not been enough www

Muscle training will continue until next year w

To my father.

I’ll report on the “fished fish”.

And then

I’m going, too!!!And that

I’ll pick her up, and i’ll throw it for an hour、、、、

I threw it、、、、

Well、、、、well, it’s 、、、、time.

I’m going to drag my back hair around and go home www

Fishing goes to Osimai Tokunoshima souvenir and Tokunoshima Ichi delicious ramen shop

So, i went to see you again,

The ramen shop of the o-chan osme

To Kametsu’s Ramen Teifuku-chan.


(If you look at the rating 4.3 yan(≥))

Yumai (*)”

This is the one w

I got a black ramen with burnt garlic.

It’s a little bit like Kumamoto ramen???

After that, I bought a souvenir in Dimal,

Put it away and say hello、、、、

Sayonara ( ;) (;;));;)

Tokunoshima also says that it is coming.

maybe www

“I’m a bit of an island man.”

Come back to our island.

It’s kind of like.

How many laps around the island with a rental car loaded with fishing gear www

I just tried to take a look at places that i didn’t put on.

It was a lot of fun,

I was able to go on vacation with non-bili (*’*)

I’m in Homma.

in 、、、all

I forgot the hustle and bustle of the city、、、、、

(Osaka burns sakai though it says the city www.

Time flows by all means.

(I did it a little beautifully and I put it on, but i could see the sea of Tokunoshima in my head www)

I think the speed at which time flows is really different、、、、、

i’m going to think

I was able to enjoy it with a non-bill.

And, as it is.

Even now, this way,

Tamashii remains in Tokunoshima,

Only the body is not updating the blog in Sakai、、、


Tokunoshima !!!!!

It was fun♪

Thank you Tokunoshima (*


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Fishing on the last day of tokunoshima casting expedition


Long Datsu-kun

Khasmiazi-kun 80cm

About 85cm ??? Kasmiazi-kun


Hogue (&amp;;)

Impressions of the fishing line

On the last day of the expedition

Yes, the day has come♪

I’m glad i was able to catch a fish that pulls it to the feeling at the last minute♪

In the video, “Uh-hyun”,!!!!」

Or, later, i’ll edit it myself

“Eh????I’m not speaking like this????」

I mean, it was such a fun thing(*

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Fishing expedition to mother’s island, GT Campachi Decaa orisquid, tokunoshima expedition fishing day7 to want to catch anything you can catch

I fished it out for seven days www.

There’s a lot of fishing, but

It was fun in Honma.

I was happy enough to write even if I wrote it,

Leave it like this、、、、

Have you read this for me?

“E???I and I went to Tokunoshima!!Try fishing in Tokunoshima!!」

If you’ll be

Please try to go by all means (*

Memories that I will never forget

I think you can have an experience that changes your normal life a little.


It doesn’t bother me because of the small things.


What was the fishing spot you went to this time?

Taka-chan Rock wwww

Use tackle

Egging Tackle

Rod: Stream Booster EXR710 (Kandi International) Impre

Reel: Sefia CI4C3000s (Shimano) Impre

Gaff: Short Gaff (Kanji International) Impre

Floating Vest: Complete 4+ (Paz Design) Impre

PE Line: Egimetal WX4 0.8 (Yotsuami)

Reader: premium max Floro 1.5-3 (Seager)

Shore Casting Tackle

Rod: Colt Sniper Extin 1002H (Shimano) Impre

Reel: Stella SW14000XG (Shimano) Impre

PE Line: Super Castman Blue Special No. 6

Leader: Maurice Ocean Records Nylon 140 lbs (Balibus)

premium max Floro 81.5 lb (Seager)

PE and leader unity tr knot

Road rod case

Round Air Rod Case (Prox) Impres

Tokunoshima Expedition Fishing Line Day1 Is Here

Other fishing records are here.





















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