Fishing diary


Squid fishing diary in mid Wakayama Japan in the rainy season

date June,24,2018,morning Fishing spot Ao fishing port Ubuyu fishing port Enjyugahama caught Greater amberjack(mini)×1 Big fin reef squid×1(1360g) moon & Tide neap tide Squid fishing tackle rod:Stream booster EXR-710(KANJI international) reel:sephia ci4+C3000S(SHIMANO) To page impression about Stream booster ☛here Shore jigging tackle rod:Coltsniper extune1002H(SHIMANO) reel:twin power SW 6000HG(SHIMANO) To page […]

Squid fishing diary in Osaka Japan in summer

date July,20,2018,morning Fishing spot Back of the misakikouen amusement park caught Big fin reef squid×1(about 500g) cuttle fish×1(about 500g) moon & Tide neap tide advertisement Present situation of squid fishing in Osaka I have often heard catching information of squids lately. In fact,you can catch squids in Japan in summer. […]

Squid and Sand borer fishing diary in Wakayama Japan


date July,23,2018,19:00~24,9:00 Fishing spot Obiki fising port & swimming area Ao fishing port Oura beach Enjugahama caught Big fin reef squid×1 860g(my fishing friend) sand borer ×8   Moon & tide spring tide Squid fishing tackle Stream booster EXR-710(KANJI international) Sephia Ci4+ C3000S(SHIMANO)☛ The article of my impression of the […]

Squid fishing dairy in rainy day,in Wakayama Japan


Have you had a good fishing life? This article is  “A squid fishing diary in Wakayama Japan in rainy day”. I wrote a article”How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water“ the other day. I went to squid fishing the rainy day after 2 days continuous rainy day. […]

Squid fishing diary,2018 autumn squid season may start in Wakayama Japan


Have you had a good fishing life? This article is  “A squid fishing diary in Wakayama Japan”.   This fishing diary is from my fishing friend. I……….have been busy recently,have not gone to fishing for a month or more.   date 2018.september 25 daytime Fishing spot Hii fishingport Karashizaki(A shore reef […]

It may start good season for squid fishing in southern Osaka 2018


Have you had a good fishing life? This article is  “Fishing diary ,Catch squid 2018 september in Osaka Japan”. My fishing friend caught big fin reef squid seotember 6th. I……have worked hard recently,can not go fishing( ;∀;)   date 2018.09.06.morning fishing spot Fuke fishing port catch Big fin reef squid×2 250g […]