best fishing gloves made in Japan

best fishing gloves made in Japan

Have everyone have a good fishing life?

The probabilities that big fish and big squids will catch increases in winter.

Not only in winter,I think that fishing gloves is for increasing power of grip, not for withstanding the cold.
So,fishing gloves are very inportant fishing gear.

Therefore,I introduce fishing gloves for shorejigging and shoreplugging made in Japan.

my recommended fishing gloves for shorejigging

right awy……

I recommend the fishing gloves for shorejigging and shore plugging made by OWNER  CULTIVA in Japan

;Game glove and Quick glove

The upper one is Game glove

The lower one is Quick glove

It is difficult to dicide which is better.

Both have high power of grip and fits your hands.
So, It will be easier to action

These have little differences.
Game glove has Velcro fasten the wrist,
Quick glove has Neoprene ring fasten the wrist.

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Another difference is length.

Game glove has length to wrist.
Quick glove has length to up to wrist.

(Picture below is Quick glove

Quick glove make the wrist easier to use,because is bit short.


Game gluve is suitable for those who feel tired on wrist when shore jigging.

Quick glove is suitable for those who also use for other fishing.


What’s about trying it ,if you are not satisfied with your fishing gloves?
Game glove and Quick glove has outstanding power of grip. 

 To the product above picture in Rakuten global market
(Game glove)

(Quick glove)

The summary of “best fishing gloves made in Japan”

I recommend Game glove and Quick glove by owner cultiva for shore jigging and shore plugging.

Those who looking for fishing gloves has high power of grip.



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