Hook keeper is useful for squid fishing

Hook keeper is useful for squid fishing

Have you have a good fishing life?

How do you keep your squid jig hook when you are squid fishing run & gun?

This article is about a fishing tool that is useful for squid fishing:Hook keeper

What is Hook keeper

Hook keeper is used by installing on fishing rod and by squid jig hooking on this.

It is like below.

Those who have done bass fishing may have seen hook keeper.

This hook keeper is useful for changing your fishing area when you are squid fishing.

Where is Hook keeper on fishing rod for squid fishing

Use the hook keeper by installing it on the other side to the reel of the rod.

If you install it on same side to the reel,Line often tangle to hook keeper.(as like below)

Like this,Hook keeper is used in standing state.

when you are fishing ,Hook keeper is in folded state.

And,when you change the fishing point or walk around,do like below picture.

 To the product above picture in Rakuten global market
(Hook keeper)→https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/point/item/4512101976857/

Summary of “Hook keeper is useful for squid fishing”

Hook keeper is useful for squid fishing.

Use the hook keeper by installing it on the other side to the reel of the rod.

Because it is not so expensive and very useful, why do you not use it.




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