Enjyugahama pebble beach fishing spot(shore jigging)Wakayama Japan

Enjyugahama pebble beach fishing spot(shore jigging)Wakayama Japan

Summary of fishing spot Enjyugahama pebble beach

fishing spot name:Enjyugahama beach
address:Wada mihama-cho hidaka-gun Wakayama prefecture Japan
type of fishing spot:pebble beach
type of fishing:shore jigging,squid fishing(beach)
type of fish:Yellow tail,big fin reef squid,bonito,mahi-mahi
full of fish or squid:★★★☆☆
tidal current: ★★★★★
convenience of access:★★★★☆(about 20 min from highway)
parking:★★★★☆(about 30 parking,free)
convenience store :★★★★☆(about 5 min to lawson mihama-cho yoshihara by car)

What can you fish in this fishing spot

Enjyugahama beach is very long pebble beach(about 4km) in mid Wakayama.

Because there is good tide current in this area,many kind of migratory fish come to this pebble beach.

Big yellow tail sometimes is caught in this pebble beach.

Other target are Bonito,Big fin reef squid and so on.

Especially on bonito,it may be very good catch if the time is right.

(I have caught 15 bonito in 2 hours one autumn day.)


Detail of the fishing spot Enjyugahama pebble beach

Enjyugahama have pebble beach in west side,and have sandy beach in east side.


(west side)


(east side)

This long pebble beach has a bow-shape,and Hinomisaki cape in west tip of this beach.

So,good tide current flow along this beach.

That is why,baits get together this fishing spot.

Then,fish eaters come to this beach to eat this baits,Yellow tail,Bonito,Big fin reef squid,spanish mackerel,mahi-mahi,and so on.





You should bring a lure for shallow,because the depth in this fishing spot is not so deep.(about 7~10m)


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(Head dip:diving pencil)➜https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/casting/item/00496936340100801-01/


The way to Enjyugahama pebble beach

To Enjyugahama pebble beach,get off the Hanwa express way in Gobo I.C..

Turn to the right at first T-junction like above.

Go strait and cross the bridge like below.

Drive along this road about 10 min.

You come to T-junction named Takara like below,then turn to the right.

Drive along this road about 2 min,you arrive intersection Komatubara like below.

Turn to the right.

Drive along this road,then you come to a T-junction like below.

Turn to the right.

Drive along this road,then you see a pine forest like below.(Enjyugahama is on the other side this pine forest.)

In this T-junction,turn the right.

Then,turn the right in next T-junction like below.

When you drive this road,you can see the Enjyugahama pebble beach.

There is free parking and rest room.


(rest room)



dried whitebait I recommend for souvenir

If it is bust,you can buy good and delicious souvenir.

The local speciality is dried Whitebait.

Futaba shoten

Summary of fishing spot Enjyugahama

Enjyugahama pebble beach is good fishing spot near free parking and rest room.

In this fishing spot flow good tide current.So,some migratory fish often come to this area.


To the catch information in this fishing spot☛KANPARI Japan

(Japanese catch information web site)



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