How to care for your fishing reel

How to care for your fishing reel

Have you had a good fishing life?

This article is about“How to care for your precious fishing reel to use for a long time.”

When you care for your fishing reel like below,you can use it in good condition for a long time.

The reason why you have to care for fishing reel

Fishing reel is composed mostly of metal parts.

Small and fragile parts in it Working  smoothly, you can fishing well.

Seawater or salt is great enemy for the smooth.

Because you take it to sea,maintenance is most important.

If you don’t care for it,expensive reel lost its good performance or cheap reel become useless.


I think that “fishing tool maintenance is a basis of fishing.”

(I wrote how to care for reel isn’t MAGSEALED by DAIWA.Because maintenance for MAGSEALED is special,please refer to the formal website

How to care for fishing reel;immediately after fishing


Wash out fishing reel with freshwater.Absolutely fresh water.

Wash out your fishing reel with fresh water.I take bottle of freshwater in my car to fishing spot.

When you take freshwater to fishing spot,wash out fishing reel with it before you go home.


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(water tank)→

When you get home,wash out fishing reel perfectly.

Wash your fishing reel in washroom.

When you wash your fishing reel

Tighten drag adjustment.If you loosen drag adjustment,water get inside the fishing reel.

Then,keep line spool on the bottom side.(to narrow clearance between reel spool and reel body)。

Then,pour water on reel from upperside.

When you pour water

Do not pour lukewarm water,but definitely cold water.High temperature water melt grease.

Pour water from side of drag adjustment,and handle the reel as drag adjustment is on the upper side.


While pouring water,gently brush the reel body with your fingers.

Especially,wash carefully PE line and movable parts(handle or bail)


Do not turn the reel handle while pouring water.If you do it,water get into the fishing reel.

To drain

To drain it well,

shake it lightly to drain.

Then,dry it with a lint-free towel.


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(lint-free towel)➜ 

Loosen a drag adjustment and dismount line spool

When you drain it in some degree,loosen the drag adjustment and dismount line spool.

Then,dry it from outside to inside with lint-free towel.

See where is put grease on.You maintain there with oil.

Inside spool and inside drag adjustment,dry it with cotton applicator.

Dry it taking apart

Dry it a day.


in room

avoiding direct sunlight

in area with low humidity

Overlay something like towel to avoid dust.

maintain with oil and grease

After you wash and dry it,maintain it with oil and grease.

Metal is rusted when water evaporate.So,maintain it with oil and grease to stop it rusting just after dry it.


Fishing reel with mag sealed is inhibited from maintenance with oil.If you use fishing reel with mag sealed,you must not maintain with oil by yourself.


  • the screw
  • join of bail
  • line roller(when it has oilhole,lubricate through this.)


  • base of handle
  • base of handle
Lubricate as directed.If you lubricate the wrong place,the reel might be broken.


oil or grease

Oil has low viscosity and the high effect of lubrication.

So,oil is used to place of high have to frequently lubricate it.


Grease has high viscosity and the low effect of lubrication.

So,grease is used to place of low should sometimes lubricate it.


must not lubricate where is grease with oil.Oil and grease can become admixed.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(Oil spray)➜ 

ask sometimes overhaul to fishing gear shop

When you ask to fishing gear shop,your fishing reel can undergo maintenance by professional technician.

Directly,you can ask to SHIMANO➜here

I recommend overhaul every about a year.

Summary of “How to care for your fishing reel”

Especially fishing reel,maintenance is essential for long using your fishing gear.

So,I think that your pleasing fishing contain coming back without hurt and maintenance of your fishing gear.




Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.



















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