Squid fishing diary,2018 autumn squid season may start in Wakayama Japan

Squid fishing diary,2018 autumn squid season may start in Wakayama Japan

Have you had a good fishing life?

This article is  “A squid fishing diary in Wakayama Japan”.


This fishing diary is from my fishing friend.

I……….have been busy recently,have not gone to fishing for a month or more.



2018.september 25 daytime

Fishing spot

Hii fishingport

Karashizaki(A shore reef back of Hii fishing port)


Big fin reef squid×3(about 200g)


Detail of squid fishing in Wakayama Japan 2018 sep.

My friend said “I will go to squid fishing to Wakayama.” to me have not gone to fishing recently.

He surfed in the morning,squid fishing in the daytime.


He go to the fishing spot at Hii fishing port in Wakayama Japan.

He caught 3 squids that might be born in this spring or autumn.

I am so jealous.I would be happy just to go to the sea.

It was muddy water in this day,because of the stormy weather.


A lot of people have caught many squids recently.

A season may start that you catch many squids.




He caught squids with this squid jig.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(Squid jig for shallow)➜https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/aorinetshop/item/10010447/


This squid jig may be useful for shallow fishing spot.


Let’s check the article of “How to fishing many squids in muddy water.”

How to fishing many squids in muddy water




Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.












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