How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water

How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water

What influence is given by muddy water or low salinity water by heavy rain for squid fishing?

This time,I introduce What influence is given by muddy water or low salinity water for squid fishing.


I do not know the correct word which present “state of which salinity of sea water decrease by heavy rain or inflow of much water from a river”.I express this state as “low salinity water”in this article.

Using my scientific knowledge,I considered how to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water.


I think…..squids or octopus is not good at adjust salinity in body of themselves.

Then,they have good eyes,catch a bait with good eyesight,escape from enemy with the good eyesight.


So,a day with muddy water or low salinity water,

they hide from them enemy,because they can not recognize the enemy with eyesight,

they migrate to safety area to avoid much water enter into them body. 


So,In like that rainy or muddy water day,you hardly fishing squid.


But,If you pay attention to Tips of rainy day fishing,you can fish squids even if it rains,even if sea water is muddy.

(This article is written by me ;I am not a professional.)


What is “low salinity water”

Low salinity water is called “MIZU-SHIO” in Japan.

“MIZU” represent fresh water.”SHIO” represent sea water or salt.

Low salinity water is a state that salinity of sea water decrease.


After heavy rain or thawing,large amounts of water flow in the sea from river.

Then,salinity decrease around the estuary.


Changing of salinity influence on fish or squids live in this area.

(If you want to know this influence,search “osmotic pressure fish salinity urine”.)


Anyway,Fish or squids dislike this salinity changes.


Let’s think how to fishing squids or fish in low salinity water,using example of Halocline and thermocline.

What is Halocline

Halocline is…..

If you put two different solutions into a cup,heavier solution sinks toward the bottom,lighter solutions move to up.

In the sea around the estuary,Because sea water is heavier than fresh water,sea water is deep,fresh water is near the surface of the sea..


Then,they do not mix as easily.

Salt water and freshwater make boundary surface.This boundary surface between salt water and fresh water is Halocline.

If you look at Halocline in the sea,the boundary surface look like mirage.


Squids have the same origin with shellfish. Because squids is not good at adjustment salinity same as shellfish.

So,If salinity decrease in a area,squids move to the area of normal salinity.

In this case,you can not fish squids in a low salinity area,but you can fish more squids in a normal or high salinity are. 


But you do not have to move another fishing spot.

In estuary,Flowing from river give low salinity water.

Because they do not mix as easily,In the sea,salinity line up LOW → HIGH from surface to bottom.


That is why,thinking salinity,

squids like to be bottom area or middle layer in estuary area or after heavy rainy day.




As like halocline,thermocline is a boundary surface in the sea.

Thermocline is the boundary surface by temperature.

High temperature water tend to move to surface.Low temperature water flow along the bottom.

(If you want to know the cause,Search it on google ”Charles’s Law,Volume and Temperature”.


It apply in the sea.

Thermocline is the boundary surface between high temperature water and low temperature water.

You might have see the thermocline in the sea.

This is because,it do not simply be divided into two .(In the sea,by various causes ; tide current and flowing from river etc.,sea water is mixed.)

But,the tendency is applied to the temperature of sea water to a certain degree.


Then,big fin reef squid hate low temperature area in the sea.

(It is said that big fin reef squid die in low temperature about 50℉)


・In summer to autumn,a fishing spot far from estuary

The sea being stable,the surface water of the sea is heated by sunlight.

Because the cold water from estuary have high density,it flow along the bottom.

With the surface being high temperature and the bottom is low temperature,squids that dislike low temperature water tend to the surface or middle layer.

・In summer to autumn,a few day after heavy rain

In summer to autumn,as like I writing above,the surface to middle layer sea water temperature is high.

Rain water temperature is lower than the sea water.

The cold water flow into the sea from estuary.

That is way,the sea water temperature is low near the estuary.

Looking the vertical direction,since the flowing of the river is fast just after heavy rain,the cold river water flow the surface as it flow.

So,just after the heavy rain,the sea water temperature is low near estuary.


・In winter to spring

The sea water with high temperature move to the surface.but air temperature is lower than the sea water.

The sea water is cooled by air or wind.

Then,cooled water move to the bottom.

So,the sea water temperature is very low in shallow area overall.

In hot days,cold days,after a heavy rain,the sea water temperature is relatively stable in middle layer.

As like halocline,the temperature is mixed by a storm etc.

fatal to squid fishing is muddy water

As writing the first of the articl,squid is a animal depending on the sense of the sight.

If you are a squid depending on the sense of the sight;you eat the bait with the sense of the sight,you escape from the enemy with the sense of the sight,

you may reluctant to be in muddy water where you can not see anything.

・cause of muddy water

Main cause of the muddy water is muddy flow from the river after a heavy rain and the bottom crumpled up by swell.

・Moving of the muddy water

Muddy water from river flow or from bottom move to the surface at first.

Then the mud is separated with the sea water little by little,and move to the bottom little by little.

In shallow area,the sea water is muddy overall.


After a heavy rain,flow from a river is fast in estuary.

In bottom of estuary,a reversing current flow to the shore.

So,In deep area near the estuary,sea water of the bottom is relatively clear.

When the cause of muddy water is heavy rain or storm,there may be clear sea water in middle layer in deep area.


I recommend squid jig for deep type,casting in deep fishing spot.


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(Squid jig for deep)➜


I have caught squids in a day of rain in a row☛Squid fishing dairy in rainy day,in Wakayama Japan

Summary of “How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water”

I explain what you should think for fishing in rainy day or muddy water.

Besides I wrote,there are many causes for mussy water and low salinity water.


You could fish many squids in muddy water in rainy day,if you think these.

I recommend that you should cast a squid jig to deep area,and aim middle to bottom.




















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