Shikimi swimming area(Fukui prefecture)BBQ and aquarium

Shikimi swimming area(Fukui prefecture)BBQ and aquarium

Summary of Shikimi swimming area

suwimming area name:Shikimi swimming area
address:Shikimi wakasa-sho Mikatakaminaka-gun Fukui prefecture
type of spot:Beach
convenience of access:★★★☆☆(about 10min from highway)
parking:★★★★☆(about 30 parking,¥1000/day)
restroom:★★★★☆(near the beach)
convenience store :★★★☆☆(about 25 min to family mart obamayamate by car)

Facility and surroundings of the beach

Shikimi swimming area is small beach in the south of Fukui prefecture.

This swimming area has restroom,water supply,vending machine,shower room.
A small aquarium is near the beach.


This swimming area has clear water,shallow and shore reef.

Right side of the beach,there is shore reef.turban shell Ii the reef area.
(But,If you catch it in Japan,you may be arrest. In Japan,you must not catch turban shell,ear shell,abalone,Japanese spiny lobster,sea urchin,Wakame seaweed,sea cabbage


When I swim in this swimming area,I saw squids,horse mackerel and see bass etc..

You can fishing in the small embankment in this swimming area.


Around this swimming area,there is good fishing spot for squid


Way to the Shikimi swimming area

To shikimi swimming area,

Get off Maiduru wakasa expressway at Wakasakaminaka I.C..

Then,turn the left to the north.

When you drive along the road,arrive at the T-junction like above.

Then turn to the right at this T-junction.

Then drive along this road.

When you find the place like above, It is the parking on the left side.

If you come up to aquarium near the swimming area like above,make U-turn and back to the parking.


To shikimi swimming area from Oosaka.

Summary of Shikimi swimming area

This BBQ spot has parking,restroom,shower room,vending machine,etc.This is well equipped swimming area.

Tsunegami near this swimming area is not crowded so much.

You can enjoy the aquarium next to this swimming area too.



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