Squid fishing diary in Osaka Japan in summer



Fishing spot

Back of the misakikouen amusement park


Big fin reef squid×1(about 500g)

cuttle fish×1(about 500g)

moon & Tide

neap tide

half moon first quarter neap tide


Present situation of squid fishing in Osaka

I have often heard catching information of squids lately.

In fact,you can catch squids in Japan in summer.


In this time,I went to fishing to Back of the misakikouen amusement park in Osaka.

This fishing spot is very popular because is nearby Osaka city.

There are some embankment in this fishing spot as like above picture.


This fishing spot is very shallow.So,I recommend you to use squid jig for shallow.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(squid jig for shallow)➜https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/fto-r/item/4945826116800/ 

In this fishing spot,I caught a big fin reef squid and cuttle fish early morning..


It is record-breaking heat in Japan this summer.

But,every angler have caught squids lately.

Why do not you go to  squid fishing there?


To detail page of this fishing spot 「Back of Misaki koen amusement park(squid fishing spot in Osaka Japan)」

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