Squid fishing dairy in rainy day,in Wakayama Japan

Squid fishing dairy in rainy day,in Wakayama Japan

Have you had a good fishing life?

This article is  “A squid fishing diary in Wakayama Japan in rainy day”.

I wrote a article”How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water the other day.

I went to squid fishing the rainy day after 2 days continuous rainy day.


In Japan,it is said that It is not good on rainy day for squid fishing at all.

I went to squid fishing to Wakayama Japan in order to overturn this established theory.


(I wrote a article about “fishing for rainy day”.I introduce this on the bottom of this article.Let’s check it)


October,17,2018 14:00~19:00

Fishing spot

Kojima(Shirahama in Wakayama Japan)


Big fin reef squid

(about 500g)×3

(about 350g)×1

(release size)×2


Moon & Tide

a day before spring tide

It have been heavy rain before 2 days this day.

Fishing tackle

Stream booster EXR-710(KANJI international)

Sephia Ci4+ C3000S(SHIMANO)☛https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/naturum/item/2841355/

The article of my impression of the squid fishing rod☛here

Impression of this fishing day

I decided the fishing spot where it suit the rainy day fishing.

If you do not hate a rainy day fishing,you can enjoy fishing in rainy day than sunny day.


Detail of fishing this day

I chose KOJIMA suit for rainy day fishing;

deep fishing spot,far from a river,the bottom is not sand or mud,flow fast tide current near by the shore…….etc.


I arrived at the fishing spot about 14:00.

It was rainy.

But,it was clear water as I predicted.

Then I cast Draw 4(squid jig).

At first cast,A squid chased the squid jig crazy,when the squid jig move zig zag in middle layer to the bottom.

I think that squids is in middle to bottom layer when the salinity of the sea water is low.


Squids might have not eaten anything for 2 days.

The squid bite the squid jig with attack.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

(Draw4 #3.5 color29 sadine bait )➜https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/nankiya00/item/draw4-26/


In rainy day,there are few anglers,squids are hungry,rain fall lowering the vigilance.

If you choose the fishing spot suit for rainy day fishing,squids more active squids may be in there than a sunny day.


After the first catch,I caught several squids continuous.

Evening to night,I caught squids bigger than in day time.

Then I go back home.



Summary of “Squid fishing dairy in rainy day,in Wakayama Japan”

If it rains the day of your going to fishing,you can catch many squids.

Let’s check a article about“How to fishing many squids in muddy water or low salinity water”




Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.



















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