Consideration of relation of aplysia with spring squids for squid fishing

Consideration of relation of aplysia with spring squids for squid fishing

Have you have a good fishing life?

I may have put a little disgusting title. but

have you ever fishing aplysia when you are squid fishing ? 


This article is not about aplysia….about you can see internal condition of the sea by bacatch”

What is aplysia?

For the time being,I will introduce aplysia for those who feel what is aplysia?

「I’m aplysia」

Aplysia belong to a group of clam.

Veryr Roughly, aplysia is clam have shell in their body.

For fishing,

This aplysia

  • eat a lot of seaweed
  • often live in area which is good passage of seawater.(enclosed bay etc.)
  • in spring, move to shallow and spawn in seaglass bed.

Don’t you think that thier is like condition that squid spawn?



Habitat of aplysia and area of squid spawn

Aplysia get together on below area around february to june.

seaglass bed on reef area
area of goog passage of seawater.
enclosed bay which is almost not entered by kingfish or amberjack or yellowtail.

these area is like area of squid spawn.

Because aplysia is not around every corner,they are appropriate mark for thinking of bottom condition.

That is why,if you fishing a aplysia when you are squid fishing,don’t feel gross but think that catching aplysia suggest that that area is good for squid fishing in spring.

A area where you catch some aplysias is good for squid fishing in spring.

(Oh, my bad. sorry)

Summary of”Aplysia is useful for guess where squids spawn”

Aplysia live in seaglass bed on reef area or area of good passage of seawater.

This conditions is the same as the conditions of the area of squids spqwn.

If you are fishing a aplysia when you are squid fishing, it may be a chance that you catch the big squid.


Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.





















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