A tip for squid fishing (Stable sinking)

A tip for squid fishing (Stable sinking)

Have you had a good fishing life?

A colleag ask me” I want to get squids this year for sure!For that,I watch movie of squid fishing on youtube.

How to fish many squids?”

I listen to his story.
He overlook critical point that it is most important that squid jig sink with stable posture in squid fishing.

Lately,I often hear 〇〇jerk ,but have never heard 〇〇sinking.
Jerk is for enchant the squid in squid fishing.
Actually squid is on hook while squid jig is sinking.

So,Jerk is of course important,but sinking the squid jig is more important.


That is why, I explain why stable sinking is important and How to stabilize squid jig in this article.

squid fishing movie my colleague watched

By the way,My colleague watch this movie on youtube.

They are members of famous fishing team of squid fishing in Japan.

Dedicated rods and squid jig for this strong jerk are also on sale.

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Why is stability of squid jig falling important

Flankly,I do not know until ask why fall is important…..

But,What I find out while fishing watching squids is that squid escapes when he sees a strange sinking: shaking or unstable.
Somewhat large squids also escape.

Honestly,I caught first squid a year after when I started squid fishing.

At that time,looking at the movement of squids…

Squids come squid jig doing zigzag action……

Squids watching squid jig from bit away while squid jig stop…

When squid jig twitched ,squids take distance… 

When squid jig is swayed by swell,squids do not take distance….


I repeated it many times.

Anyway,When squid jig twitch unnaturally,squids don’t approach to squid jig being alert.

After that,I stabilize suquid jig and could caught squids.

That is why,stability and posture of squid jig sinking is most important thing in squid fishing.


How to stabilize squid jig sinking

Squids very often attack squid jig when squid jig is sinking or staying.

You should be careful when you are waiting squid’s bite.

The more you are concentrate,the more you grip the fishing lod strongly.

So,the fishing lod is shaked,and squid jig twitch.


If you have never catch squids,you should hold the fishing lod lightly when you are waiting squid’s bite.

If you conscious of just stopping squid jig,squids may be catched suprisingly easily.

posture of squid jig

Though you don’t have to care to that extent,squids change the reaction by the posture of squid jig.

It is very useful that you know that.


In short,squids change the reaction by Whether posture of squid jig.

In short,sometimes squids react only to leaning squid jig, and sometimes squids react only to horizontal squid jig.


So,if you feel that there is no attack by squids,

When you try to change the posture of squid jig, sometimes squids suddenly start to attack to squid jig surprisingly.

Squid jig take horizontal posture when you pull the line upward


take leaning posture when you remove the line tension.


I write the behavior of squid jig in tension fall (oblique sinking)or in free fall(vertical sinking).

The behavior of squid jig in tension fall

“Tension fall” is what you sink the jig oblique with stretching line.(Maybe,I think this term is Japanese:Janglish)

Because PE line float in seawater,PE line sink in the sea from above the squid jig.

In this state,if line tension increase straining line,direction of line tension that transmitted to squid jig from leader line is to front upper side.

Line tension,Direction of sinking

When you strain the line ,combining line tension with force of sinking,squid jig sink and come to front side as like picture above.

After you cast the line and sink the squid jig without line tension , you jerk and sink the squid jig with tension fall….

The squid jig move as like this.

Tension fall is good for feeling reaction by squid and control the squid jig,

Tension fall is bad for sinking squid jig speedy.


The behavior of squid jig in free fall

Free fall is  what you sink the jig vertical with almost no line tension.(Maybe,I think this term is Japanese too)

In free fall , line tension that transmitted to squid jig from leader line is almost none.So,squid jig sink almost vertical.

Direction of sinking

Because squid jig do not come too front,you can search squids in small steps.

When comparing the two…….

(Tension fall)
(Free fall)


(Tension fall)
(Free fall)

I recommend this squid jig for  proper use that two sinking.

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The summary of “stability of squid jig falling is the most important”

it is most important that squid jig sink with stable posture in squid fishing.

Squid fishing with lure  = jerk+action+sinking

If you think this ,you may catch squids easily.


Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

Thank you.





















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