Fuke fishing port(squid fishing spot in Oosaka Japan)

Fuke fishing port(squid fishing spot in Oosaka Japan)

Summary of fishing spot Fuke fishing port

fishing spot name:Fuke fishing port
address:Fuke Sennan-gun Oosaka prefecture
type of fishing spot:Fishing port
type of fishing:squid fishing
type of fish:Big fin reef squid
full of fish or squid:★★★☆☆
tidal current: ★★★☆☆
convenience of access:★★★★☆(about 25min from highway)
parking:★★☆☆☆(park in the shoulder of a road)
convenience store :★★★☆☆(about 5 min to lawson misakifuke by car)

what can you fish in Fuke fishing port

Fuke fishing port is a large port in south Oosaka prefecture.


I think that Fuke fishing port is the fishing spot you can often fish squids.

Especially,I recommend squid fishing in this fishing port in spring.


Detail about fishing spot Fuke fishing port

Fuke fishig port is like a park.

There is good fishing spot where children or women can fishing safety.



In front of Fuke fishing port,the stairs(like above) continue to the bottom of  the sea.

So,there is shallow water in this fishing spot.The depth is 1~5m.

Because many weeds grow around this area,big fin reef squids spawn every spring.


Because you often get snagged in this fishing spot,you should cast the squid jigs for shallow.


To the product above picture in Rakuten global market

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The recommended spot in this fishing port is…..

tetra pod & rock beach



Between tetra pod and rock beach,the tide current often become complicated.

In this area,you may catch many squids.

The back of fishing port

The back of fuke fishing port is good spot for squid fishing too.

The depth is deep a little.

Way to Fuke fishing port

To Fuke fishing port from Oosaka,

You drive to Sennan interchange on Hanwa expressway.

When you get off the Hanwa expressway on Sennan interchange,it is like….

Turn to the right and go straight untill the intersection with McDonald’s.(like below)

Turn to the left at this intersection.

you drive in the right lane…..

When you can see such a  place,drive to upper side(right side).

Then,get off at the 「Fuke ramp」 (「深日」is written on the green signboard)

Then,you dive along this road and you come to the place like below.

Then,turn to the left and drive along the road.

You can see place like below after about 10 min.

Turn right and across the railroad crossing.(like below)

Go straight and turn right at the end of the road like below.

Drive along this ocean road,then you can see Fuke fishing port at right side.

You arrive at T-junction llike below.everyone park a car this sholder of the road.



Summary of Fuke fishing port

Fuke fishing port is large fishing port that is easy to go to squid fishing from Osaka,Kobe,Nara.

Because this fishing spot ground is very good,everyone enjoy fishing safety.

In spring,You may fishing lunker big fin reef squid with squid jig for shallow.


Thank you for watching until the end.

I tried to write an article written in Japanese as English.

I am in poor English, but I would like to translate my Japanese articles into English little by little.

People who can not stand up to update can see other pages in Japanese.

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