Convenient case of metal jig(rolled jig case)

Convenient case of metal jig(rolled jig case)

Have you had a good fishing life?

This article is introducing case of metal jig case I recommend.
I wrote “case”,it is not “BOX” but is “case”.
I introduce metal jig case that is not BOX.

Rolled jig case is very useful

Formal name that jig case is “Makimaki jig case” .(”makimaki” means rolles or rolling in Japanese.)

It is like picture below.

Generally,metal jig case is box form.

But,Makimaki jig case is soft and flexible

Opening,that is like below.


Because it is made of Neoplane,it has flexibility.

(Neoplane is the pudgey material used for camera case or river fishing wader and so on.)

One or two metal jig is into every one frame.
So,”24(12×2) metal jigs are in it.

Store metal jig in it.Cover it with a mesh cover.

Wind it.

Like below,it downsize.

In above picture,I use Makimaki jig case Msize.

Like this,it is the same size about 500ml PET bottle.

To the product above picture in Rakuten global market
(Makimaki jig case:metal jig case)→

Characteristics of Makimaki jig case

I recommend Makimaki jig case for shore jigging.
The reason is……

  1. Metal jig is very stable in it.
  2. There is little wasted space in it.
  3. Whe you change the metal jig,you can change it without putting it on shore reef.(on your arm)
  4. It is hard to break,becaus it do not have a lid or connecting part.
  5. It is much smaller than box type.

Size lineup of Makimaki jig case

Makimaki jig case have three size:S,M,L.

(40g metal jig In lefter frame,60g in next frame,80g or 85g metal jig in next frame to third from the right frame,105g metal jig in the righter frame)

M size is suit to those who frequently use 60g~100g metal jig.

S size is suit to those who frequently use 25g~85g metal jig.

L size is suit to those who frequently use 100g~350g metal jig.

To the product above picture in Rakuten global market
(Makimaki jig case:S size)→

(Makimaki jig case:M size)→

(Makimaki jig case:L size)→

Summary of “Convenient case of metal jig”

Makimaki jig case is very useful for shore jigging.

I recommend this for those who use box type jig case with not user-friendly.


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