Obiki fishing port & swimming area(squid fishing & sand borer fishing)Wakayama Japan

Obiki fishing port & swimming area(squid fishing & sand borer fishing)Wakayama Japan

Summary of fishing spot Obiki fishing port & swimming area

fishing spot name:Obiki fishing port & swimming area
address:Obiki Yura-sho Hidaka-gun Wakayama prefecture
type of fishing spot:fishing port and beach
type of fishing:squid fishing & sand borer fishing
type of fish:big fin reef squid,sand borer,horse mackerel
full of fish or squid:★★★☆☆
tidal current: ★★☆☆☆
convenience of access:★★☆☆☆(about 30 min from highway)
parking:★★★★☆(about 5 parking,free)
convenience store :★★★★☆(about 10 min to lawson kii-yuraekimae by car)

What can you fish in this fishing spot

Obiki fishing port is relatively big fishing port in Wakayama Japan.

There is swimming area next this fishing port.

I recommend small embankment in end of the beach,and swimming area.

In the swimming area,you can fish sand borer.Many sand borers are in this swimming area.

In the small embankment,you can fish a big fin reef squid in summer to winter


Detail of the fishing spot Obiki fishing port and Obiki swimming area

Obiki swimming area beach

Obiki beach is wide shallow.


Near the fishing port,the bottom is sand.

Near the small embankment,the bottom is grit.

The depth is about 1.5~3m.


There is drop off about 2m and 15m bottom from the shore.

You can enjoy fishing leisurely because few angler come to this fishing spot.


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Small embankment in end of the beach

There is shore reef around the small embankment in end of the beach.

This embankment is flat and low lying.


you can enjoy squid fishing safety on this embankment.

The depth is about 1.5m~3m shallow.If you cast a squid jig to far,the depth is about 5m. 。

Many baits(horse mackerel) are often around embankment in the sea.

The way to Obiki fishing port & swimming area

To Obiki fishing port,get off the Hanawa express way in Hirogawa I.C.

Then turn the left,,drive along this road(route 42).

About 25 min after,you arrive at the Kii-Yura station.

Passing by the station,at next T-junction SATO「里」like below,turn the right.

Then,drive along this road.

When you look at an apartment like below,

turn the right at next T-junction like below.

When you drive this road,you arrive at Obiki swimming spot.

There is the fishing port when you turn the right.

There is public toilet and small embankment when you turn the left.

The entrance to the small embankment is like below.


The way to Obiki fishing port from Osaka



Summary of fishing spot”Obiki fishing port & swimming area”

I recommend Obiki swimming area for sand borer fishing,small embankment for squid fishing.

You can enjoy fishing in this spot leisurely,few angler coming to this fishing spot.

Let’s check “Tips of night sand bore fishing”



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